It hasn’t been a great 48 hours for EA Sports after its much-hyped Star Wars Battlefront II game sparked outrage upon release. The decision to include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and other heroes as locked content that requires in-game credits to access has really pissed customers off.

In-game credits are earned through gameplay, or by “pay to play” micro-transactions. A user on Reddit has done the math and estimates that it would take 4,528 hours of gameplay, or $2,100 in micro-transactions, to unlock all the heroes, with each individual hero requiring around 40 hours of gameplay to unlock.

While in-game purchases have been generally tolerated among the gaming community, EA has taken the concept to a whole new level. Attempting to clear up the situation, the company’s response has garnered the most downvotes in the community-driven site’s history.

EA’s comment was the typical customer support response with an open-ended promise to “look into things.” This, of course, angered the community on Reddit. At time of writing the comment has a score of -635,000 downvotes, an all-time record low on Reddit.

What really angered fans of the Star Wars franchise, and those that had waited three years since the original Star Wars Battlefront, was that EA had apparently received criticism in the beta version of the game that the cost to unlock heroes was too high. Not caring, EA doubled down on its decision and raised the cost to unlock heroes by around 75 percent, according to this summary.

Only after customers began cancelling their orders did EA officially respond to the criticism, slashing prices by 75 percent to bring them back to where they were during the beta. What they didn’t advertise, though, was that they also slashed rewards by 75 percent, effectively canceling out the discount.

EA plans to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit on Wednesday, which is definitely not going to stay civil for long. Be sure to check that out (if it ends up happening).

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