In this explainer by Youtube channel ScreenPrism, fans of the recent Star Wars: The Last Jedi just might gain some insight on the film’s title and ending.

On the day of its release, director Rian Johnson toldVox: “Your job is to make a good movie, and making a good movie means drama, and drama means throwing roadblocks in the way of the easy answers and the expectations.”

While the film did bring drama, it also brought along questions, most notably, who is the last Jedi? In what might be the most genius response, ScreenPrism flips the question on his head and states that the question is not who, but if.

For further explanation, check out the video above and be warned, there are some spoilers ahead. Once you’re done, check out this explanation of Black Mirror‘s genius.

  • Main and Featured Image:Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Productions/Youtube

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