UPDATE 5/15/2019 3:30pm ET: Steve Lacy announced that his album is titled 'Apollo XXI' and will arrive on May 24 via 3QTR. Read our original report below.

In a recent interview with i-D, Steve Lacy confirmed that his debut solo album is on the way. He reportedly started recording it in his sister's bedroom at their childhood home in Compton about two years ago so it's been a long time coming. "N Side" is the lead single off the project and while the 21-year-old has yet to reveal the official release date, he did go into detail about another track that supposedly serves as a groundbreaking sonic evolution of sorts.

“It was kinda like a middle finger to the people who were like, you can’t make this song longer than three minutes and I was like alright I’ll give you nine minutes, how’s that?” he said. “It’s basically my journey, my sexuality. But in a very fun and witty way, it’s not really that serious, it’s not super sad. I think it’s my journey, it’s an expression of how I feel right now.”

The profile also sees Lacy opening up about his sexuality which he still doesn't want his career to be defined by because he doesn't "like to look at it as a big part" of his identity, but he is "not really that bothered by it honestly."

You can read the full story in the latest issue of i-D which is currently available to order here. Scroll down to view some glam shots from the magazine spread and revisit his cameo in Vampire Weekend's music video for their collaborative track, "Sunflower."

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