The iPhone X will be officially launching this Friday, November 3, and if you lucked out on pre-ordering last week, supply of the highly-anticipated smartphone is heavily constrained since only a limited stock will be available at retailers.

While availability for the smartphone won't meet demand until early next year, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has shared that he won't be upgrading to the new iPhone just yet during a recent interview with CNBC.

"I’d rather wait and watch that one," he said. "For some reason, the iPhone X is going to be the first iPhone I didn’t on day one upgrade to. But my wife will, so I’ll be close enough to see it."

Wozniak is currently using the iPhone 8, though he doesn’t appear to be impressed with it either. "I’m happy with my iPhone 8 — which is the same as the iPhone 7, which is the same as the iPhone 6, to me."

Furthermore, he also said he was skeptical that Face ID would work the way it is supposed to. We'll have to wait and see once the X is in the hands of the masses.

Other than Wozniak's opinion, here’s what critics are saying about the iPhone X.

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