In what seems to be an unlikely pair due their disparate backgrounds, iconic musicians Sting and Shaggy have joined forces on a collaborative album titled 44/876 scheduled to release on 4/20, which probably hints a suggestion about the project's overall vibe of reggaeton-pop and rock-infused sounds.

Debuting the first single from the album, "Don't Make Me Wait," the two spoke about the collaboration in an interview with Rolling Stone, revealing how it came to fruition, what to expect and more.

"Don't Make Me Wait" essentially jumpstarted the entire project, as the British star was immediately struck by the song, claiming, "I just said, ‘as far as I know, that sounds like a hit to me. I sang on the chorus, and then we tried to figure out a way to make it more of me than just a chorus, so we got a verse together."

In addition, the two have apparently become great friends throughout the process, and they even spent some time in Jamaica together. "This guy," says Sting, nodding to Shaggy, "he's like the pope of Jamaica."

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on Rolling Stone.

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