Stormzy just performed a history-making set at Glastonbury, and he wore a stab-proof vest designed by none other than Banksy.

The grime star made history as the first black British solo artist to headline the festival. At 25 he is also the second youngest solo act in the festival's history, after David Bowie, who was 24 in 1971. During his set, he highlighted racial inequality in the British justice system, as well as the knife crime crisis facing the country.

To further drive home his point, the artist wore a stab-proof vest with a bleak Union Jack painted on it. After the performance, Banksy posted a photo of Stormzy in said vest, with the caption "I made a customized stab-proof vest and thought - who could possibly wear this?"

Stormzy commented, "You’ll never know what this means to me. I feel like I am dreaming this is all a dream. Honored, grateful, thank you, I don’t have any words for this. ❤️? Tears of joy." See his own post of gratitude below.

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