It's been well over a month since the third installment of Stranger Things arrived and blew our collective minds with its body-snatching madness. Now, despite no official word from Netflix yet in regards to whether a fourth season is definitely on the cards, Reddit is already brimming with fan theories pertaining to what could happen yet.

The most convincing of those fan theories hails from a Redditor known as weedmonkey666, who makes a solid case for who will be the main villain in Stranger Things 4. It's Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the idea behind it is pretty plausible.

In the argument, the Redditor points out that both Will (Noah Schnapp) and Billy (Dacre Montgomery) were possessed by the Mindflayer in previous seasons through physical contact — Will while he's in the Upside Down in season one and Billy via a bite in season three.

Then, towards the end of season three, Eleven's body is also attacked by the monster and a bit of the creature gets stuck in her leg, which she seemingly rips out via her telekinetic powers. Afterwards however, her powers are inaccessible — perhaps she exhausted them, or maybe it's something else.

What if, weedmonkey666 postulates, this means that Eleven is now infected and could potentially be controlled by the Mindflayer. It could "control her like it did with Billy, Will, and the flayed, to eventually destroy her or use her to get more control."

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