stranger things fortnite event
Netflix / Stranger Things

As season three of Stranger Things hits Netflix tomorrow, July 4, players of Fortnite have begun to notice portals resembling those featured in the show in the game’s Mega Mall location, leading us to believe that a Stranger Things Fortnite event is imminent.

Fortnite gamers have already seen Upside Down-themed portals on the walls of the Mega Mall, which transport them to random areas on another side of the map. The Mega Mall seemingly references the Starcourt Mall in Hawkins from the Stranger Things season three promos. Additionally, ice cream cones have appeared in the video game to replenish player health, pointing to Steve Harrington and newcomer Robin’s jobs as summer ice cream vendors. Lastly, Jim Hopper and Demogorgon in-game skins have also leaked online, although they have yet to be confirmed.

With Stranger Things season 3 premiering tomorrow, we’ll likely have more news on the Fortnite event very soon. Until then, be sure to check out the official Highsnobiety x Stranger Things collab which also drops July 4.

Not NYC, not LA.