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If you’re a chronic swiper or maybe even a compulsive double-tapper, there’s some good news for you and your smartphone fiddling habits. Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger has created the Substitute Phone to help users cope when their handset is absent.

Originally appearing at Vienna Design Week, the conception is that of the average smartphone, made of black polyoxymethylene plastic. To replicate all the familiar movements — scrolling, pinching, and swiping — Schillinger has embedded stone beads which allow users to replicate the feeling of using a handheld device.

In conversation with Dezeen, Schillinger argues his design is “a tool that would help stop this ‘checking’ behavior.” With many users constantly receiving notifications, pings, messages or even expectations of a call, it’s easy to see why distractions are needed in a culture where there’s a fear of missing out.

The phone isn’t on sale just yet, but stay posted for further information. Would you cop?

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