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Aerion and Lockheed Martin have teamed up to produce the world’s first supersonic business jet, the AS2, engaging in a year-long partnership that will take on the final stages of the aircraft, including engineering, certification and production.

“This relationship is absolutely key to creating a supersonic renaissance,” says Aerion chairman Robert M. Bass. “When it comes to supersonic know-how, Lockheed Martin’s capabilities are well known, and, in fact, legendary. We share with Lockheed Martin a commitment to the long-term development of efficient civil supersonic aircraft.”

Orlando Carvalho, Executive Vice President, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, then went on to add, “We are excited to work with Aerion on their development of the next-generation, efficient supersonic jet that will potentially serve as a platform for pioneering future supersonic aircraft.”

The initial designs for the AS2 were taken on by Aerion and Airbus during a two-and-a-half-year effort. This included the wing and airframes structures, systems layout, and fly-by-wire flight control system. Now, Aerion and Lockheed Martin will fine-tune the aerodynamics and structural design, all while hoping to achieve even higher speeds.

For an early look at the AS2, including its luxe interior, see the images above.

In other news, the famous Nissan 350Z from ‘Tokyo Drift’ is now for sale.

Not NYC, not LA.

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