The Supreme Weekly is a regular column examining and breaking down the influences behind the brand’s weekly drops, courtesy of our resident Supreme expert, Ross Wilson. This week, Ross is taking a break from product, and is instead giving us a who's who of the crowd at Supreme's launch event in Brooklyn. 

When Supreme launch a new store they do it right. The vibe from last night's launch event for Supreme Brookyln was more like a family reunion than an opportunity for press coverage — many of the event's guests, who had come from all over the world, are dear to the brand's core.

Supreme crew past and present such as Gio Estevez, Pookey, Neal Santos, Ty Lyons, Tino Razo, Peter Bici, Alex Corporan and Geo Moya were all in attendance, as were most of Supreme's current skate team — Sage Elsesser, Ben Kadow, Aidan Mackay, Sean Pablo, Tyshawn Jones, Jason Dill, and the legendary Mark Gonzales.

Store managers Jagger (London), Samir Krim (Paris) and Javier Nunez (Los Angeles) were all flown in to celebrate, alongside the latest addition to Supreme’s management — Jefferson Pang. Having Brooklyn-born Pang at the helm of the new store is a genius move, as he’s been part of their crew since the start and is right at the heart of New York skateboarding.

Here's a who's who of the skate and streetwear OGs from Supreme's launch event in Brooklyn last night.

Jason Dill, pro skater, Supreme team rider and founder of Fucking Awesome!

Kyle Demers, from Supreme's NY head office.

Sage Elsesser, pro skater and Supreme team rider.

Tino Razo, manager of Supreme's skate team and author of Party in the Back, a book about skating pools in LA.

Alex Corporan, Supreme NYC store manager from 1996-2005. Read our interview with Alex here.

Angelo Baque and Ross Wilson. Angelo was Supreme's Brand Director for years, and has since left to start his own agency, Baque Creative.

Elijah Berle, pro skater for Chocolate/Vans.

Peter Bici, OG rider for Supreme, and now at the FDNY, with Jefferson Pang, manager of Supreme Brooklyn.

Eric Koston, pro skater for Nike SB.

Futura, legendary street artist and Supreme collaborator. Futura linked with Supreme way back in 2011, daubing "Fuck You Pay Me" over caps, hoodies and beanies.

Gio Estevez, Supreme's first employee and store manager.

James Jebbia, who founded Supreme in 1994. Jebbia previously ran Union and Stussy's stores in NYC.

Mary-Ann Fusco and Ross Wilson. Fusco owned Union NYC with James Jebbia, and now runs her own vintage store, Maison Jadis.

Samir Krim, manager of Supreme Paris, and Ty Lyons, Supreme NY.

William Strobeck, Supreme's skate video director.

Zered Bassett and Todd Jordan, pro skaters.

Damon Way, founder of DC Shoes.

Ricky Saiz, Supreme designer/filmaker.

Alex Olson, pro skater and founder of Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandon.

Danny Supa, former Zoo York pro skater and creator of the "Supa" Dunk for Nike SB.

  • Photography:Peter Pabon /

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