Supreme is being sued for allegedly stealing another company’s original camouflage print for a range of apparel, The Fashion Law reports. This week ASAT Outdoors LLC filed a complaint against the hyped brand in a New York federal court for copyright infringement over the “unauthorized reproduction and public display” of its copyright-protected camo design.

The Supreme apparel in question is part of its FW19 offering and includes jackets, sweaters and cargo pants in the contested print in various color iterations. Swipe through the gallery above for examples of the camo-print clothing, then check out an example of ASAT's original camo print below.

The Montana-based apparel company ASAT asserts that Supreme “copied [its camo] design and created derivative works of [it] and placed [them] on their apparel, such as hats, pants and jackets to sell on their website and in stores.” It alleges that the streetwear brand “willfully, intentionally, and purposefully" infringed upon its exclusive right as the copyright holder of the print.

Based on the above claims, ASAT is seeking monetary damages from Supreme, including but not limited to any profits that it made from its use of the allegedly infringing pattern, or “statutory damages up to $150,000 per work infringed for [Supreme’s] willful infringement of the design,” whichever is greater.

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