NSS Magazine has released an interview with the people behind Supreme Italia, the controversial “legal fake” brand.

After publishing a deep dive into the legalities of the brand back in 2016, NSS Magazine was contacted by International Brand Firm, the British company that owns the Supreme Italia brand, who asked for a chance to share its side of the story.

In the article, IBF’s Commercial Director gave their opinion on Supreme’s business model, what they’ve copied from Supreme, and why the brand rejects the term “legit fake.” Read the five best quotes from the interview below.

On Supreme’s business model

“We believe that it is not ethical to sell a sweatshirt or a tshirt to hundreds of euros, even more we would not allow this to happen through reselling.”

On the term “legit fake”

“It is a term with an ambiguous and contradictory meaning that does not belong to us, in our opinion coined by those who have every interest in denigrating our brand, obviously because they are not disinterested. Ours is a company incorporated under English law without a registered office in Barletta […] Supreme Italia does not sell “fakes” but original products marked by its own trademark duly registered at the Ministry’s Trademarks and Patents office.”

On what “authorized” them to start Supreme Italia

“What has authorized us is the market. We are carrying out a completely different project from Supreme New York, within the reach of all those who wish to purchase the products.”

On what the brand has “copied” from Supreme

“Nothing. Our collections offer garments suitable for the needs of our market also in terms of weights, sizes, style and offer, such as the line of outerwear in neoprene, garments in silk and cashmere blend up to the knitwear line. Our materials are different from those proposed by the American company.”

On what they would like consumers to know

“The Supreme IBF products have always been sold in the best Italian stores with a label identifying the origin and origin of the product, at reasonable prices and in line with the local market.”

For the full article, head over to NSS Magazine.

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Words by Candice Nembhard
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