We’ve seen a lot in the diverse world of internet food trends this year, and everything from rainbow bagels to sushi burritos have had their day in the sun. Sushi is also the chief component of the latest food craze to break the internet: the aesthetically perfect and apparently delicious "Sushi Donuts."

Created by Instagram user and vegan culinary explorer So Beautifully Raw, the sushi donuts have gone viral almost instantaneously. While it may sound like a sweet cake covered with raw fish instead of icing, the sushi donut is a far more appetizing affair than its name would have you believe. Using a ring of sticky rice instead of cake, various toppings like sliced cucumber, ginger and sesame seeds make for a replacement to candy-coated ornaments that remain just as pleasing to the eye.

Look out for these sushi-delicacies to appear at a health store near you, as even Whole Foods has created their own spin on the hybrid treat.

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