A New York City sushi restaurant is set to serve up one of the most expensive tunas in the world. The 890 lb. Pacific Bluefin tuna sold for an insane ¥36.45 million, which is equal to approximately $323,195, or to put it another way, around $800,000 per pound.

The winning bidder was Hiroshi Onodera, who owns both of New York's Sushi Ginza Onodera locations. Fortunately, the restaurant has announced that it won't increase its prices for meals including the tuna — though a dinner there will easily set you back $400 anyway.

There's just one catch, the restaurant only sells sushi omakase-style, which means the chef decides which dishes to serve to each diner. So even if you're willing to pay extra for the tuna, what you get is all up to chance.

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  • Main & Featured Image:Sushi Ginza Onodera

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