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In what might be the April Fool’s joke to end all April Fool’s jokes, T-Pain has launched Wiscansin University, a reference to his track “Can’t Believe It” where he remarkably rhymes “mansion” with “Wisconsin.”

The musician took to Twitter to share the announcement with an inspiring recruitment video, which naturally features the iconic line.

The accompanying website adds more layers to the joke, including a message from the dean, Tallahassee R. Pain, PhD, which reads:

“I am honored and privileged to be the 22nd dean to lead Wiscansin University. I believe Wiscansin is truly an inspiring place, and I want to ensure that our programs continue to be poised for growth for the many years to come. I look forward to the many adventures and achievements we will embark on together.”

A few humble brags appear further down the page with references to a whopping 75 uncertified professors, a 2.5 average GPA, a national college ranking of “dead last” and a limit of “1 cheeks at a time.”

The website is fully functional and it’s worth reading through each page to see just how far T-Pain and co have gone with the joke. Alumni, for instance, includes everyone from Kanye West and Lil Wayne to DJ Khaled and Chance the Rapper.

If the entire site is indeed a joke, then the punchline has to be the collegiate merch, which, all jokes aside, is actually for sale. The gear comes branded with its namesake university, while the color palette looks to riff on nearby university, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Show your school spirit by picking up your favorite piece in the link below.

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