tasha the amazon that aint me premiere
Tasha the Amazon

Tasha the Amazon is the sort of rapper who pours vodka down the throats of fans mid-show; many can technically do this, but few do it well or with purpose. If it’s at all possible, the Toronto rapper’s musical output completely reflects this pastime, effusing the vibe of not only getting turnt, but getting turnt with a vengeance. Her latest single “That Ain’t You” is but the latest example of Tasha utterly nailing this stance. Take a listen for yourself below via SoundCloud.

Speaking on the track, Tasha told Highsnobiety in an email that “I feel like this winter has been tough, and has a lot of people feeling super serious. I wrote ‘That Ain’t You’ cuz audacity felt necessary right now… to bust out into the sunshine, to shake the dust off, to celebrate your crew and recapture that gully spirit with gun fingers in the air. To feel alive. Whoever can’t get with that, ain’t the crew.”

“That Ain’t You” is the latest of an excellent string of singles, most recently preceded by “Can’t Remember.” Her last full-length project was 2016’s Die Every Day.

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