Last month, we got up close and personal with Instagram kingpin and walking Grailed advertisement Gully Guy Leo: the 14-year old from Warwickshire whose fashion game is more A$AP Mob than middle school. In a new long read, VICE meets Gully and some of his peers to explore the streetwear compulsion gripping teens (and their bank accounts) everywhere.

Trigger warning: this article may make you sigh longingly.


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Staking out London’s Dover Street Market for a chance to meet Gosha Rubchinskiy, the article first introduces us to Colin, another Supreme-clad 14-year old whose enthusiasm for Gosha stems from how he manages to “mix the skate scene, streetwear and high fashion together.” Michelle, meanwhile, is a 16-year-old dressed in Vetements who has been waiting in the queue for eight hours, only to be dragged home by her mom.

Lost In Louis ???

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The piece then goes on to explore some of the eye-watering figures involved. Gully says he’s spent somewhere around $12,000 to $14,000 on clothes over the past couple of years, while Colin takes a thriftier approach, flipping his Raf Simons Ozweego sneakers (which retail for around $300) to fund a Supreme work jacket. For those of us who primarily exist in darkness with the heating turned off to save money, those are some hard sums to swallow.

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To explore the new-fangled youth culture and burgeoning micro economy in full, head on over to VICE.

Staying with teens in wavy garms, young Cruz Beckham was recently snapped in this ridiculous LV x Supreme bogo from the upcoming range.

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