It's hardly news that social media exacerbates mental health problems and generally makes everyone feel a little worse about themselves, but apparently some are worse than others.

A new study conducted by the Young Health Movement and the Royal Society for Public Health surveyed 1,500 14 to 24-year-olds about the effects five social media platforms have on their mental wellbeing.

Instagram was found to be the worst platform, with Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter also having an negative effect. Participants in the research said that social media was worsening bullying, body image anxiety, and feelings of depression and loneliness.

For its part, Instagram has recently addressed mental health problems in its community with its "HereForYou" campaign to highlight and support people sharing mental health stories on the app.

YouTube was the only social network that was actually a positive presence in teen's lives. Though the video site negatively affect young people's sleep, something that I think we can all understand, participants said that it lessened feelings of loneliness and depression, offered emotional support and gave them an understanding of other people’s experiences.

In other news, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is shining a much needed light on teen bullying.

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