TEN C Fall Winter 2010 Collection-35

TEN C is an Italian label designed by two ex-pats from Stone Island. They developed a breathable, waterproof KNIT NYLON - nylon, for the record is never knit, but always woven. As Chris from Union put its, "the fabric basically gets better as it patina's with age and wear. It's fucking awesome. It is extremely smooth to the touch and seems to have a sheen to it. It is really dense and heavy, you feel like a million bucks wearing it!" The brand only makes outerwear and have all the classic military styles (Anorak, M65, M51, Fishtail Parka, & Freezer) available navy and olive drab. Union is the only store in the US that is stocking the line.

Have a look at the full offering after the click.

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