Last week, Elon Musk tweeted the unveil date for Tesla’s Model Y SUV accompanied by a teaser image of the car's silhouette. In the picture, the vehicle is largely hidden in shadow, leaving its design details a mystery.

On receiving the image as an invitation to the launch eventat LA Design Studio, YouTube tech reporter Marques Brownlee decided to turn up the brightness and exposure of the picture to try to spot any hidden details. Watch below to see what was revealed when Brownlee ran the invite through his iPhone’s photo editor.

Ever the troll, Musk apparently anticipated people's curiosity, leaving a message for those enthusiastic enough to alter the image. Adjusting the brightness reveals the words “NICE TRY” on the vehicle's number plate. As Brownlee commented, well played indeed.

That means Tesla heads will have to wait until this Thursday, March 14 to get a full look at the car.

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