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Last night, Tesla dropped a portable wireless phone charger on its site — which immediately sold out.

The 6,000-mAh power bank charger features USB-C and USB-A capabilities. It boasts 5W wireless charging and 7.5W wired charging for when you need to get going faster.

Priced at $65, the charger isn’t the cheapest or the fastest on the market, however, Tesla notes that all its smartphone chargers are “powered by the same cell found in many of the batteries of our vehicles,” which is obviously a huge part of the appeal.

Mysteriously, Telsa swiftly deleted the page for the charger, so if you didn’t cop at the time its like they never existed. It’s unclear whether the release was a mistake, however, according to Business Insider, a representative from Tesla confirmed the chargers sold out, but didn’t make any statement on how limited the stock was, or if they planned to re-release.

Check back for more information on the next drop as it emerges. Would you buy a Tesla phone charger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

In other news, watch Jay Leno test out the record-breaking 2020 Tesla Roadster.

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