The protesters that battled the Ukrainian army fought with little more than sticks, bats and sledgehammers. Their homemade weapons have been made the subject of a series of portraits by photographer Tom Jamieson. “Every single person without fail had a club or a bat or something like that,” Jamieson told Wired. “You couldn’t help but notice the DIY nature of the whole thing, from the barricades themselves to the totally inadequate body armor that people were wearing, and the weapons as well. It looked like something out of Mad Max, it was crazy." Jamieson and his assistant reportedly wandered the occupied zone, lugging a black background cloth that they would set up when they found a protester carrying an interesting looking weapon. They shot outside in the square, in occupied buildings, near the protesters’ tents, usually in the early morning or twilight hours to keep lighting consistent.

“The reaction a lot of people have is normally, ‘God I would hate to be hit by that thing,’” says Jamieson. “But as nasty as a lot of these weapons look, and as brutal and primitive, it’s nothing in comparison to an automatic machine gun. So they look fearsome but they’re almost medieval — it’s sticks and stones.”

Find out more about the project and see the full set of images over at Wired.

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