While you can turn your phone into a lightsaber — at least while playing Google’s new Star Wars video game — why don’t real lightsabers exist? It is 2015, after all. Thanks to one such Star Wars enthusiast and inventor, however, the first real lightsaber is here.

Using a nichrome ignition as a starter, the lightsaber utilizes a methanol/acetone fuel mixture with butane as the propellant and even features the classic Star Wars lightsaber sound effects.

When turned on, the flamethrower hybrid actually mimics the look of a lightsaber by shooting a thin elongated blade out of the base of the device. Just like in the movies, the color of the lightsaber can also be changed. Adding boric acid changes the color of the beam from blue to green.

While this might not be the lightsaber of your dreams, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

Not NYC, not LA.