Ah, remember the days of forcing your parents to drive you to the nearest Blockbuster so you could browse the shelves and pick out the latest movies and games for rent? Seems like forever ago, but surprisingly, the rental chain still has a few running locations in the U.S., and one in particular has an absolutely amazing Twitter account.

"The Last Blockbuster" (@loneblockbuster) is "located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Center," now operating on their own, not a part of Blockbuster Corporate, which means they can do and say whatever they want with their hilarious social media profile.

Whether it's discussing nude scenes from iconic flicks, offering off-the-wall discounts, or giving instructions on how to properly whip doughnuts in the parking lot, this is one Twitter account that is definitely worth a follow.

So see below for some of The Last Blockbuster's standout tweets, then be sure to hit them with a follow.

We guess now you could check out everything coming to Netflix this month, if you're into streaming and all.

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