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Despite what the weather may or may not be doing right now, we technically have until September 22 to kiss summer goodbye. Until then, The Marías are here to serenade you throughout the remainder of this sultry time before we collapse into cuffing season. Today, we’re premiering the Los Angeles-based band’s dreamy new single “Clueless.”

Normally, the act of letting someone down makes you feel crappy inside, but this groovy tune relieves some of that pain as frontwoman María delicately asks, “I still wanna know, have you been emotional?” The track maintains the five piece group’s vintage sound as they blend pieces of jazz, psychedelic, soul and pop to set a sensational mood.

This song comes straight off The Marías’s forthcoming EP Superclean Vol. II due out on September 28. Dive deep into the groove and stream their velvety smooth jam below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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