Following last week’s episode where we test drove a new McLaren, today we’re back with the latest installment of The Review. This time host Noah Thomas catches up with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie in his hometown to talk how he's impacted the Bronx. We also talked all things bling with jeweler Greg Yuna, and Nate Robinson about his NBA style.

With Greg Yuna, he explains how to successfully get into the jeweler game, paving his own path, the impact of Instagram, and how to get access to diamonds. Next up, Ball Boyz, Kyle Hodge and Ian Servantez sit down with NBA star Nate Robinson. Known for his on court flexing, rocking rare Air Jordans and Yeezys, the three time NBA Dunk Contest winner opens up about his breaking down the door between streetwear and NBA, his sneaker collection, and upcoming flag football league.

We traveled to Highbridge, a residential neighborhood in the BX to talk with A Boogie and his crew. The squad opens up about always showing love to their hometown, the impact on their success, and more. They grew looking up to people like 50 cent and Jay-Z so the hunger for power moves was instilled into them at young age.

Calling their borough "flybridge", A Boogie and crew made the most of what they had. Their parents weren't wealthy by any means, so hustling played a big part in copping fresh gear and looking fly. "Some people were fortunate more than others, some people wasn't. So, it's only right that we give back," A Boogie states in the interview.

However, they've always been on to fashion, "from Prps to True Relginon." They call Highbridge their own borough because they infuse their neighborhood style with other New York trends and high fashion. It's unique. If you know, you know.

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