To celebrate 25 years of The Simpsons, we present our latest themed week, Simpsons Week. Check out the outfit grids of some of Springfield's finest above and stay tuned for more.

Illustrator Bryan Espiritu is back with another set of outfit grids featuring some of Springfield's most beloved characters exclusively for Highsnobiety. Part of The Legends League, Bryan's version of Homer keeps things simple with a trio of Duff beer and television remote counted among his trusty accessories. Krusty the Clown sheds his colorful hair for the shoot while Chief Wiggum even includes a stereotypical and fitting donut. Local drunk Barney Gumble unsurprisingly displays his daily garbs in artful disarrangement, while devout Christian Ned Flanders presents his outfit neatly in the form of a cross.

Enjoy the outfit grids above and see the rest of our Simpsons Week content.

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