Visual artist/photographer Cam Hicks and his burgeoning imprint The Upsetter, unveils a standout collection via Grailed dubbed, "Ode to All," which encompasses vintage and reworked Carhartt pieces that are defined by unique embroidery, along with quotes and messages, courtesy of The Griggs Brothers.

With the lineup dominated by a variety of outerwear, the overall range emphasizes the value and character of second and third wear items, and its connection to the working man, while also taken as a representation of the journey of self discovery, and challenging the norm along the way.

As Cam Hicks simply puts it, "I wanted people to see the jackets and be moved to actually question their surroundings and themselves, to look at what I’m doing as an example of doing and making things for yourself, and not creating based on the trend — knowing your worth."

You can learn more about the collection and purchase your favorite piece directly on Grailed now. Prices range from $350 USD to $800 USD.

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