Thom Browne is now entering the world of fragrance for the first time. Due out this October, the collection will include six scents, all unisex fragrances.

“I wanted these scents to be iconic, and for me an iconic fragrance, especially one that crosses for both men and women, is a vetiver,” Browne explains to Vogue.

For each scent, the designer chose vetiver extracts “because it is an iconic scent which served as a good base for my fragrance collection.” This include’s Vetyver Absolute, then combinations such as Vetyver and Cucumber, Vetyver and Grapefruit and Vetyver and Rose.

“I’ve always loved fragrance, and I wanted to create something that was very noncommercial," he continues. “A lot of people approach fragrance from more of a business point of view, thinking about a broader audience. I approached it from the exact opposite.”

The price for each 75-ml eau de parfum ranges from $200-$250. You can cop each fragrance this October online, at Thom Brown boutiques, and Dover Street Market.

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