NY designer Tim Coppens has unveiled his very-first collection for Under Armour's new line, Under Armour Sportswear. Rather than high-performance athletic gear, UA's latest venture is all about lifestyle-friendly casualwear, executed using innovative tech. That means water-repellant chinos, stitch-free puffer jackets and tailored sweats. There's even a suit included, although it's completely seamless.

The full collection will be unveiled at a presentation in New York on September 15, and it'l be available to buy immediately then, too. You'll no doubt see the pieces donned by some of UA's megastars like Steph Curry and Michael Phelps (not sure if the brand's sizing caters to my personal favorite UA athlete, though).

Bide your time by checking out Under Armour Sportswear's first sneaker, or having a listen to Highsnobiety's very-own podcast on the subject, below.

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