Timberland has committed to planting 50 million trees over the next five years. The latest “Nature Needs Heroes” campaign is part of the outdoor lifestyle brand's ongoing commitment to reforestation. Since 2001, Timberland has planted more than 10 million trees worldwide, however this is Timberland’s first truly global campaign.

The landmark environmental commitment aims to alleviate the huge impact that the fashion industry has on global CO2 emissions.

 Jim Pisani, the global brand president at Timberland said, “Trees and green spaces help improve the quality of our planet as well as individual wellbeing. Our commitment to plant trees is a real, measurable way to act upon our belief that a greener future is a better future.”

Timberland will support multiple re-forestation initiatives around the world, including projects in Haiti, China, the Dominican Republic, the United States. It will also contribute to efforts towards the Great Green Wall, a wall of vegetation that stretches across Africa.

As part of the tree-planting campaign, Timberland “celebrates 12 eco-heroes who are making lasting, positive change for the environment and their communities.” Each of these figures wears new styles from the fall 2019 collection.

To help achieve its 50 million tree commitment, Timberland has partnered with organizations across the globe including, Smallholder Farmers Alliance, GreenNetwork, TREE AID, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, Connect4Climate – World Bank Group, Justdiggit, Las Lagunas Ecological Park, Trees for the Future, American Forests and Treedom.

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