TIME magazine has honored the "silence breakers" of the viral #metoo campaign with its Person of the Year accolade.

After the incredible number of allegations brought forward against Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein and other notable figures, victims of sexual harassment were awarded the famed accolade for their bravery in igniting what became a global movement.

Among the list of recipients is activist Tarana Burke, who is credited with starting the #metoo movement almost a decade ago. The nonprofit founder is celebrated for her work in helping survivors as well as drawing public awareness to the issue. Taylor Swift was also commended after winning a civil case against her ex-DJ, who she claims groped her during a pre-concert photo opportunity.

The magazine also paid homage to state senator Sara Gelser, Ashley Judd, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu and Isabel Pascual; all of whom are pictured on the magazine’s cover. The Plaza Hotel Plaintiffs – a group of seven women who filed a sexual harassment suit against the hotel – were also named by the magazine as "silence breakers."

Despite this year's male-dominated shortlist, including President Donald Trump, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and NFL player Colin Kaepernick, it was the victims who took a firm stance against sexual harassment that came out on top. Check out the full feature on TIME's site.

In similar news, actor Uma Thurman has condemned Harvey Weinstein via Instagram.

  • Main Image:TIME
  • Featured Image:Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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