Timex and London mainstay YMC have teamed up to rework the classic MK1 watch. The limited edition timepiece integrates YMC design DNA, giving the watch a new "Burnt Rubber Brown" look.

Originally known as the Mil-Spec W-46374B, the MK1 is the only timepiece in Timex’s long history of producing military watches to be officially contracted by the US government. It was produced for only two months in 1982 for the US Marines, featuring a lightweight body and simple hand-wound movement. It was considered such a “disposable” watch, in fact, that it came with instructions on how to dispose of it.

The watch was revived in 2016, when Timex reintroduced a contemporary adaptation under the MK1 name. That was followed by the upgraded MK1 Aluminum.

Now, Timex and YMC have taken what was originally considered a “throwaway” timepiece and given it an elegant revamp, with the subtle brown colorway reflecting YMC's Pre-Spring 2019 "Panic" collection. The YMC x Timex MK1 "Burnt Rubber Brown" is available now for £74 (approximately $92) via the YMC website.

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