Struggling to get some on Tinder? Well, if you're not a pilot or founder/entrepreneur, you might want to consider a change of career.

These are the top three professions that the ladies swipe right for most, according to a list recently released by the app's developers. Unsurprisingly, the top 15 is full of white-collar professionals like doctors and lawyers, professions with a hefty sum of social currency - such as a TV/radio personality or model - while porno cliches like firefighter and personal trainer are popular as well.

Guys predictably swipe mainly for models, nurses, fight attendants and speech language pathologists, although it's physical therapists that take top spot, possibly because they have a reputation for being good with their hands.

Have an extended read on Tinder's blog.

Being a celebrity probably doesn't hurt either, they now have verified profiles on the app.

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