Tinder has been operating a secret, members-only version of its dating app called Tinder Select — but we regular humans aren't allowed to use it. According to TechCrunch, the app keeps out all the poor and ugly people to leave only "elite users" in circulation.

Its members list is said to include CEOs, supermodels and other hyper-attractive/incredibly minted people. A source told The Verge that the app is exclusive to “celebrities and people who do really well on [regular] Tinder.” Interestingly, it's not even a separate app — meaning Tinder Select users can toggle between normies and hotties with the tap of a button.

Tinder Select is currently available by invite only, but invitees are allowed to "nominate" one other person, that nominee can't, however, nominate anybody else.

TechCrunch reached out to Tinder for comment but, unsurprisingly, it said nothing.

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