Last year, Tinder released the most right-swiped jobs in the U.S., and it was found male pilots were the most favored alongside female physiotherapists.

Now, the app has expanded its research globally and it seems like despite geographical boundaries, we all have very similar tastes when it comes to a prospective lover's job — air travel workers, especially male ones, are the ones getting all the action.

In Australia, France and Germany, male flight attendants were the most likely to get a right-swipe than other professions, whereas in Spain and Australia women cabin crew members came in second and third place respectively. Male flight attendants and/or cabin crew were also among the top ranking jobs in the UK, Chile, Japan, Korea, Mexico and Colombia.

While the results are definitely interesting, it might not be the perceived glamorous lifestyle and proximity to airplanes that is earning them many dates. Instead, it could simply be that constant travel is opening them up to a fresh crop of swipes each working day. That said, if you're also looking for a career change, it's probably worth a shot.

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