Following the release of his Caprice Owner’s Manual second edition, as well as his $2,000 Shop Chair, Tom Sachs is back to reissue McDonald’s Graphic Standards. The 2018 publication acts as a satirical guide for McDonald’s employees.

Upon opening the linen-covered wooden package, 13 11-by-15 prints are housed inside. These pages then detail the correct way to assemble a cheeseburger, how to properly install toilet paper, and the required attire, in addition to featuring other instructions for McDonald’s employees. Complete with multicolored illustrations, McDonald’s Graphic Standards also comes with cotton gloves embroidered with McDonald’s signature golden arches.

Tom Sachs' special edition McDonald’s Graphic Standards retails for a whopping $10,000 and is limited to 30 units. To purchase a copy, you'll have to email his publisher, Hamilton Press, at

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