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Titelmedia / Julien Tell
Titelmedia / Julien Tell

Tommy Cash is not a figure one easily forgets. Like many, I first heard of the Estonian rap-sensation via his utterly insane visual for “Winaloto”, an overtly-surrealist clip that found Cash in an orgiastic celebration of the (warped) human form, delivered along with his skull-crushing beats and laugh-out-loud bars.

It’s no surprise then that he has risen to the very forefront of today’s burgeoning alternative electro scene, capturing the attention of the likes of Charli XCX and PC Music. And all of this without so much as an album out – though we can expect his debut to arrive by year’s end. Of course that barely scratches the surface of everything Tommy gets up to, which includes such projects as “Kanye East”, a fashion line since covered by Vogue that skewers… well, you can probably imagine what its parodying.

And so we caught up with Tommy Cash in the flesh to chat what’s next for the preeminent “post-Soviet rapper”, his status as a lowkey street style icon, and just why the hell there is a photo of him riding a horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru. Watch our interview below:

Tommy Cash also was also good enough to make a playlist, one inspired by the idea of ‘what a Tommy Cash DJ set would sound like,’ despite the fact that he has yet to do so. Give it a listen below:

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