Here is the latest entry in our partnership with COLORS BERLIN, an online music channel that aims to break down the barriers of the musical landscape. ALL COLORS NO GENRES is their main mission – from hip-hop to indie, electronica, R&B and pop, COLORS BERLIN allows artists to present themselves and their work in a contemporary way. We’ve teamed up with them on a series of video shorts in which artists are invited to perform one of their own tracks in the COLORS studio.

When we first saw the music video "Winaloto," we were immediately hit with the sensation that it was one of the strangest rap videos we had seen in recent memory, if not ever. The emcee behind it, Tommy Cash, was even stranger.

Hailing from Estonia and presiding over what he calls "post-Soviet" rap, Cash is like a cross between Eminem in his prime, cult filmmaker John Waters and that kid in your high school class who hid in the corner putting gum under the desk. His raps are utterly strange and devastatingly clever, and his dance moves are absurdist to the point of being high art.

So naturally we asked him to stop by the studio. Cash gave us a performance of his king-making single, and this version of "Winaloto" is every bit as memorable and odd as the music video. Be sure to stick around to video's end for his finale dance.

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