You expect to see a fair amount of skin in a rap video. Gorgeous people wearing small amounts of clothing has become as much of a staple of the genre’s visuals as smoking weed or bragging about your swagger. But the amount of exposed flesh (and what is done with it) in Estonian rapper Tommy Cash’s new video “Winaloto” is shocking, to say the least. It may just be the strangest rap video of the year.

The visual is nothing short of a surreal orgy, but instead of it being a dark, Eyes Wide Shut kind of deal, its more like Tommy Cash taking turns slapping the bums and bellies of everyone gathered at the YMCA sauna. A few of the more eye-catching moments of the clip include Cash floating through a sea of upraised feet, being squished between two butt cheeks, and, perhaps most disturbingly, having his face morphed onto a woman’s crotch. And when topped off by his frantic delivery (reminiscent of the high-pitched ululations of Die Antwoord’s Ninja) and lyrics like “people ask why I do so much narcotics / it puts my mind straight in the tropics,” you’re left with a video that can only be described as "unique.:

Watch “Winaloto” in full above, and stay tuned to see what insanity Tommy Cash dreams up next.

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