California-based Lakai Limited Footwear welcomes skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to its team and family. With the brand’s offerings inclined towards skateboarders in general, the alliance seems a perfect fit as his son Riley Hawk is also part of the Lakai team.

The official introduction is showcased in the video below, depicted in a staged Lakai World Summit where Tony Hawk announces his partnership for Lakai Limited Footwear, while addressing the room of journalists and answering their questions varying in topics such as “Favorite Shep Dawg,” “Cost to Buy Lakai,” “2017 SOTY,” and more.

In case you missed, check out our exclusive interview with Tony Hawk, as he talks Trump, the state of skateboarding and his new board with Penny.

  • Main / Featured Image: Courtesy Photo / Lakai
Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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