We always get a little excited when we see a "Treats" return address inscribed on a simple UPS envelope. There's certainly something good inside -- in this case, it's issue 9 of the fine art/nude magazine. So far, it will be hard to top this piece of mail.

For the first time, Treats has been envisioned with an overarching theme. If the pictures didn't completely give it away, the topic is "Tropical Getaway." Secluded island locations from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic are the backdrop to a handful of beautifully shot editorials. Look for a cameo from architect Scott Mitchell on his latest build and a picturesque guide to island hopping. Our favorite from the mix has to be the feature of Parisian beauty Elisa Meliani captured by Photographer David Bellemere.

In case you missed it, read about our sit down with Treats founder Steve Shaw here.

  • Photography:Thomas Welch/Selectism.com

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