In just three days, a picture of a tree has become the fifth (and counting) most-liked image on Instagram.

tentree, the sustainable apparel brand behind the picture, initially promised on April 22 to plant 500,000 trees in Indonesia to promote the growth of mangroves, tropical forest, and agroforestry, if the post received 5 million likes by April 26. After smashing that goal in less than 24 hours, they updated it to a promised 1 million trees if the post reaches 20 million likes by Friday.

Some commenters have asked why the company doesn’t just plant the trees with or without the likes. tentree has assured the naysayers that they will definitely plant the original goal’s 500,000 trees even if they don’t get 20 million likes. Other commenters have pointed out that the trees-for-likes campaign is raising awareness for the cause — tentree plants ten trees for every item they sell.

At time of writing, the post has 13.8 million likes, putting it at number five on the most-liked list. The top four most-liked posts belong to Selena Gomez, XXXTentacion, Kylie Jenner, and of course, the world record-breaking egg.

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