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TTTism and writer and tattoo expert Nicholas Schonberger have linked up to deliver a beautiful coffee table book titled TTT: Tattoo. The book dives into the evolution of tattoos, looking at them as an artistic practice and the role they play in different cultural settings around the globe.

The book examines more than 300 internationally renowned tattoo studios and artists and their most interesting work. Within its pages, you’ll find the likes of Sang Bleu, Rock of Ages, Into You, Toothtaker, The Leu Family’s Family Iron, and Amy Savage, all brought together to highlight a number of styles, subsets, working methods, and locations.

In addition to showcasing artists’ work, TTT: Tattoo features in-depth investigations into particular tattooing methods (like Chicano-style, for example) and essays on how social media is changing the role of tattoos in society today.

The book will be available via Laurence King this September — join the wait list now.

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