Six months have passed since Turnstile unleashed their terrific album Time & Space into the universe and punks of all shapes, shades, and sizes are still blasting it non-stop. Even though their sound evokes a lot of rage and angst, the hardcore band has really mastered the art of spreading camaraderie through their music and projects an overwhelming amount of positive energy. Today, we're premiering their official music video for “Bomb/I Don’t Wanna Be Blind."

The Atiba Jefferson-directed visual follows the riveting adventure of a lovestruck skater who mindlessly plucks a bouquet of flowers for his crush. It proceeds to get run over by a passing vehicle and right on cue, "I Don't Wanna Be Blind" starts playing as he and his crew furiously chase down the culprit. In addition to knocking over frontman Brendan Yates in the process, it turns out that bassist "Freaky" Franz Lyons was the man behind the wheel. Luckily, he escapes just in time so the only damage that's done is to his car. Ty Evans also collaborated on the video as the director of photography.

“Working on this project was amazing," Jefferson told us in an email. "We planted a seed and didn't know what kind of plant was going to grow, but once it grew it was beautiful. I'm very proud of this video and it was great to work so closely with my friends. There wasn't one disagreement, we all came together and it worked great, the cast, crew and band were the best to work with."

Dive straight into the action in the video below.

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