David Lynch's televisual masterpiece Twin Peaks returned to screens after a 26 year hiatus last night, but it seems initial excitement was quickly tempered by the familiar Lynchian feeling of "WTF."

Sticking to the surreal plot and tangled web narrative formula, the show welcomed back familiar faces alongside a slew of new names. But rather than clear up any of the confusion from the goings on in season 2, those who tuned in were left with even more questions than before.

With expectations sky high — perhaps unrealistically so — the initial reaction to the first two episodes has been positive enough, if not a knockout. Scroll below for some of the best takes so far.

The Good

God what a good show this is. Who cares who killed who?

Tim Molloy, The Wrap

I loved every plodding, baffling minute of it. ... I went into the night terrified that all the usual TV revival problems would become exponentially worse when filtered through Lynch’s own storytelling eccentricities, and I came out of it exhilarated. Baffled at times, but exhilarated.

Alan Sepinwall, UPROXX

What premiered on Sunday was as accessibly scary, disturbing and audaciously funny as many of the best parts of the original Twin Peaks, and nowhere near as hallucinatory and subtextually distilled as the prequel film Fire Walk With Me. ...

Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

Mr. Lynch’s mastery of tension persists. The script, by him and Mr. Frost, recognizes the power of silence and anticipation. And Mr. Lynch, who is directing the entire revival, still has his penchant for dualities and eerie beauty.

James Poniewozik, The New York Times

The OK

Twin Peaks: The Return is weird and creepy and slow. But it is interesting.

Sonya Saraiya, Variety

When it comes to the acting, there are a few performers who acquit themselves extremely well — MacLachlan is very much consumed by the supernatural plotlines, but he remains incredibly watchable and relatable, even when trapped in the most absurd of moments. But at least two of the big-name guest stars to drop by in Episode 4 are awkward to the point of inspiring outright laughter.

Liz Shannon Miller, Indie Wire

The new Twin Peaks is intriguing and smart, with a percolating sense of dread and nerve-rattling score (Lynch was the sound editor). But in a crowded TV landscape of weirdly provocative series, it needs to work a little harder to remind us why it deserves to be remembered as a landmark in television drama. A damn fine revival? Not quite yet.

Patrick Smith, The Telegraph

The Bad

It’s hard not to feel like I’ve been completely, utterly duped. The two-hour kickoff did not repair the damage wrought by Season 2. ... To say I was disappointed by the revival’s indulgent, incomprehensible, taxing opening act would be a towering understatement.

Michael Ausiello, TVline

Anyone coming fresh to the cult is likely to have been utterly bewildered. But they can take comfort that, by the end of the opening two episodes, both veterans and newbies will have been huddled together in Camp Bafflement. When Cooper says, early on, “I understand”, it’s a dark in-joke from Lynch.

Mark Lawson, The Guardian


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