Angelo Bucci of SPBR Arquitetos has designed a brutalism-inspired villa on a spectacular beach in Ubatuba, Brazil.

Located in the state of Sao Paolo, the jaw-dropping residence juxtaposes cold architecture with blazing hot, sunny surroundings. It's situated more or less right on the shoreline, far back enough from the street for it to feel calm and tranquil, and perched high up enough to give a feeling of privacy.

Inside, the contrasting elements continue as exposed concrete walls are paired with wooden, modern-looking furniture. It's decorated enough to feel homely, while sparse enough to feel clean and fresh in what is a very sticky, humid environment. The building is an exact square with bedrooms down below, a living room (with a breathtaking view of the beach) and kitchen on the middle floor, and another living space at rooftop level with a small swimming pool and veranda.

Another veranda at the lower level leads to a winding track through the garden, providing access to the beach and another larger dining space closer to the water which looks fit to accommodate at least 20 people — perfect for parties.

It looks like one of the best beach houses in the world. Check it out above.

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