After releasing a new selection of Holiday 2018 goods, UNDEFEATED announces an upcoming collaboration with Zac Clark’s streetwear brand FUCKTHEPOPULATION (FTP).

The limited capsule includes an allover-printed sweatsuit, a reflective hoodie, two graphic T-shirts, a beanie, a key, and a sticker pack, while the standout is the novelty “Emergency Lockout Kit,” consisting of an emergency glass breaker, slim jim, pliers, co-branded gloves, and a flashlight in an allover print rollup bag.

You can see Reggie the tool-guy detail how to use the kit in the video above.

UNDEFEATED and FTP's collaborative collection drops at a one-day pop-up in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 15. The location has yet to be disclosed. Also, you can try online for availability.

For more, brush up on your knowledge of FTP.

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