What Japanese designer Jun Takahashi has created with his brand Undercover is rather unique. He plays in the high fashion circus, shows during Paris Fashion Week, presents some of the most impressing garments for men and women every season, yet never looses the edge. Muted colors on almost all of his pieces, yet allowing himself to step out of that world every once in a while to shake things up.

You know what we mean? We mean exactly what we are showing you here. From the new Undercover Fall/Winter 2012 Collection leather accessories have released. They feature an all over pattern similar to the Goyard's and Louis Vuitton's of this world, the main different being, that the pattern reads 'FUCK'. We love it! The range includes different size pouches and wallets.

It is exactly this kind of attitude that we many times miss from European high fashion designers. And if they go down this route, it ends up being very cheesy.

The new piece are now available directly from Undercover.

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